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Joan & The Giants Reveal Uplifting New Single, ‘Good Time’

Ready to tick some significant boxes in 2024, Joan & The Giants are starting their year strong by releasing the feel-good anthem, Good Time. Additionally, the band is thrilled to announce that they’ll be jumping on support for Pink’s upcoming Perth performance at Optus Stadium on March 1st.

Perfectly aligning with the positive vibes and lively atmosphere surrounding Joan & The Giants, ‘Good Time’ lives up to its name by delivering an anthem dedicated to enjoying life to the fullest. This lush and euphoric indie rock journey encapsulates the spirit of letting loose, unwinding, and relishing in the unadulterated joy of the present moment.

The track oozes an upbeat feeling that is hard to avoid; you’re drawn into the smiling presence of the music alongside lead singer Grace Newton-Wordworth’s stunning vocal delivery.

‘Good Time’ is about being madly in love and letting go of control. This indie guitar-soaked summer song is a sexy ride, and it’s the first time I’ve let myself get sexy and feel sexy in a song. I just love the way it makes me feel, and I hope it brings some good times to people.” – Grace Newton-Wordsworth.

2024 is going to be a big year for this super-talented band. Joan & The Giants new single, Good Time is available now, everywhere.

Upcoming Shows
Fri, January 19 – Froth Craft Brewery, Bunbury (WA) | Free Entry

Sat, Jan 20 – Settlers, Margaret River (WA) | Free Entry
Sun, January 21 – Caves House Hotel, Yallingup (WA) | Free Entry

Fri, March 1 – P!NK & Tones And I, Optus Stadium, Perth (WA)

Sat, March 2- P!NK & Tones And I, Optus Stadium, Perth (WA)

Written by Chris Lamaro