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Joe Mungovan Takes You On A Roadtrip With His Latest Single, ‘Soaking Up The Sunshine’

Joe Mungovan has recently released his super breezy chilled vibing single, Soaking Up The Sunshine. It follows on from his releases earlier this year, Lemon + Lime and You + Me. This new one was written in a home studio near his hometown of Kiama on the south coast of NSW.

Soaking Up The Sunshine screams coastal town vibes, with it’s very dreamy guitar work and catchy vocal delivery. It’s written in dedication to that classic Australian road trip up the coast.

‘Soaking Up The Sunshine’ is about a classic Australian road trip; travelling up and down the coastline, soaking up the rays during the day and drinking wine around a fire at night. Unfortunately, this particular trip was put to an end early due to the Covid situation getting quite serious half way through. The girl I was travelling with had to fly back to Germany before the borders closed.  While writing this track I was reminiscing on the good times that we spent together before everything was turned upside down.” Joe Mungovan

For the video, Joe rallied up all his friends and shot the clip in the living room of one of his mates parents house. Joe says, “we pretty much just had a big 70’s dress up party.  It took us a lot longer than we originally planned as most people couldn’t remember the dance moves, but we got there in the end.” The super fun video features a roll call of his musician friends :Cam Little (The Vanns) Tom Smithson (Tommy Gunn, Kava Kings) Joey Winkler (Dos Enos) Zach Gervaise (Gosh, SLM, Frenchy + The Talent) Shalane Connors (Siskin River) Mitchell Cable (Gosh)

If you’re after a chilled addition to your Sunny afternoon playlists, this one is for you. Soaking Up The Sunshin is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro