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UPDATED: John Butler Trio Announce Fracking Cheap Concert in Protest of Gas Industry


Fans of the John Butler Trio can smile today, as the band has given a big middle finger to the gas industry by arranging a concert in protests of the operations in Western Australia. The concert, called Frack Off, will be hosted in Margaret River at the 3 Ocean Winery.

A few orders of business; the John Butler Trio will be backed up by a number of speakers, with The Pigram Brothers and Mama Kin laying down some wicked tunes as well. Both bands are Western Australian bred and born, and the Pigram Brothers sure to get you grooving with their seven piece folk/country sound, shortly followed by Mama Kin to tie it all together with her angelic voice.

The money raised will go towards fighting the gas industry in Western Australia, and the last little thing that you should know is that the concert is absolutely dirt cheap! At just $23.50 you can even afford the concert with the spare change you find lying around after a night out (if you can’t, then you’ve probably lost your wallet and that’s not our fault.)

“The ticket price is really cheap because we want as many people as possible to come along and get informed about what the gas industry has planned for our region and our state. We want the community to be empowered by knowing that we have a voice in this, and that there is something we can do about it. We can tell the gas industry to Frack Off! We can run these pirates out of town,” said Butler about the event.

So there we have it, the John Butler Trio are even cooler then we thought, so if you are in the Margaret River area on the 26th of November, get the coins out and prepare for a chilled day by the river.

UPDATE: It seems like there is a lot of community engagement in these protests, or at the very least, a lot of community engagement in the lineup! The event sold out within the first two days, and so a second concert has been added the following day. The lineup will be repeated, so even if you miss out on the excitement of day one, you’ll be able to get around it on day two!


3 Ocean Winery, Margret River, WA
3 Ocean Winery, Margret River, WA

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