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Johnny Hunter’s Fashion Fascination: Top 5 Style Inspos

Recently Johnny Hunter released their single, Life to much appraise. The single has already racked up some very impressive online streams and impressed tastemakers worldwide. Lead singer, Nick Hutt is a man of style and has shared with us some of his biggest fashion inspirations.

Music and fashion, the crucial points of identity. two art forms that express emotion and self at the highest  point. When I first started developing the character of Johnny Hunter I believed costume and fashion to be the vessel in which I could explore myself and my music beyond endless boundaries. Here are 5 fashion icons that have inspired Johnny Hunter – Nick Hutt


Dave Vanian – the vampiric lead singer of The Damned and one of the pioneers of the gothic movement. As I read up on him I felt a sense of connection with Vanian as it seemed we both shared a love for renaissance art and horror. The way he expressed this was through the use of heavy eyeshadow, white foundation and lots of black. Thus my love for make up was born and Johnny Hunter had a face.


Charles Jeffery: my favourite and in my humble opinion the most exciting designer of the 21st century. Leading the charge in the revival of new romantic fashion. He creates true masterpieces designing one piece suits shining in electric colour and tartan. Before lockdown came into our lives I would travel to Thailand to tailor my own suits and would source inspiration from the designs of Charles Jeffery. High waisted pants that would flare and double breasted jackets with high lapels and three buttons. If I could only wear Charles Jeffery for the rest of my life I would.


Kirin J Callinan: an influence on both casual and stage wear. I’ve never seen someone pull off tailored pants and a cycling shirt except for Kirin and to that I tip my hat to you, sir. I’ve also seen him change costumes 4 times in one show from Nun, to matador, to boxer and then to baby. It’s Drama on the runway stage.



Gucci 2019 fall/summer collection: someone at Gucci definitely had their eye on Charles Jeffery. Super important, Another new romantic inspired collection with a stroke of 50s genius. Boxy brown suits and electric green and blue plaid. I believe Amy Taylor was part of that collection. Melbourne punk posing for Gucci. Incredible stuff. I based my umi Nori green and orange suit off this collection.



Umi Nori: a local tailor I use for my stage costume that has the most incredible fabrics from Italy and Hong Kong. A true marksman, if you ever need a suit in Sydney, something that wows, a piece that’ll turn heads.. this is your man.



Written by Chris Lamaro