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Jordy Burns Releases Soul-Stirring Debut EP, ‘Games’

Eora/Sydney-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Jordy Burns’ illustrious ‘Games’ is a shimmery soft step into timeless melodies and gauzy orbital atmospheres. In a chamber-pop fabric stripped of excess and glamour, the five-tracks carousels through vulnerability, strength and passion with the unyielding energy of an open soul.

Opening with the single ‘Walls,’ the potency of wrenching vocals skims fervent piano chords, patiently leading us through an array of introspective murmurs. Burns leans on her cello as she bears her heart to the experience of betrayal and love lost.

‘For Forever’ is an honest votive, begging for understanding and space within a whirlwind of intense feeling. Originally shifting under the weight of sustained keys and a low reserved thrumming, the introduction of an echoing beat whispers of something growing in the distance.

In ‘Hear Me’, Burns’ vocal calls float amongst an orchestration that runs in slow motion. In a desperate cry for love, the lyric “I’m not here for games” resonates with the purity and authenticity driving the track. Burns’ love is illustrated as vast and multifarious against the pulsating backdrop of haunting melodic runs that bleed into the next track.

Continuing to fashion her carefully woven landscape of pathos and catharsis, ‘Keeping Score’ plunges as the most vindictive of her melancholy-stained tracklist. Burns’ righteous assertions cut deep gashes into the silky sonics of her boundless cello offerings. Despite it all, the EP’s prevailing optimism shines abundantly by the end of the journey, a soothing salve that justifies each uncertain chance taken.

This vibrancy ultimately manifests itself in the jubilant expressions of the final track, ‘Second Chances’, with a steadfast rhythm and an atmosphere blooming joyously with resolve and self-confidence.

An offering that beckons the audience to look inward, Jordy Burn’s ‘Games’ traverses across a lush sonic terrain, inevitably accumulating a cherished emotional mileage in its wake.

Written by John Zebra