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JOSHUA Hits Home With His Brand New Tune, ‘You Make Me Want To Break Things’

WA based dark pop artist JOSHUA is throwing us some fresh new music this week in the form of a new single called, You Make Me Want To Break Things. It comes along with the announcement of a fresh new EP, Albany due out April 16th.

You Make Me Want To Break Things is not your average pop track. It takes the listener on a journey through many elements of sound with hints of EDM and splashes of a traditional pop vocal delivery. The single is focused around dealing with your anger in a healthy way when being manipulated by toxic people.

“Anger is a legitimate emotional response but the ways we express it, especially men, can be highly toxic and damaging to ourselves and those around us. So, instead of breaking things, I wrote this song.” – JOSHUA

The upcoming EP will be one to watch out for. It has some big production help from the likes of MSQUARED (Casey Barnes, CXLOE, Will Hyde) Cam Nacson (SADBOii, DOOLIE, CXLOE, Kota Banks) and Rachel Phillips (Billy Davis, Ruel).

You Make Me Want To Break Things is available Thursday 25th March. But you can stream it right here today exclusively!

Written by John Zebra