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Jungle Return With Final Teaser For Their Forthcoming Album With ‘Back On 74’

Embark on an Unprecedented Adventure with Jungle’s Innovative Interactive Video for ‘Back On 74’, a Preview of their Fourth Album ‘Volcano’, Coming on August 11th. Jungle’s groundbreaking video for ‘Back On 74’ marks the latest installment in their dynamic partnership with WeTransfer. Exclusively accessible for 14 days on Jungle’s dedicated site within WeTransfer, this immersive experience is set to captivate audiences worldwide. With additional promotion on WeTransfer’s widely popular global landing page, boasting an impressive reach of over 80 million monthly users across 190 countries, the video promises to leave an indelible mark on the global music landscape.

As the grand finale before the highly-anticipated release of their fourth album, ‘Volcano,’ ‘Back On 74’ offers a tantalizing glimpse into Jungle’s sonic evolution. This captivating track weaves together luxurious soulful melodies against an explorative soundscape, showcasing the duo’s fearless pursuit of uplifting and liberated musical expression. Standing in striking contrast to their previous singles like ‘I’ve Been In Love’ (ft. Channel Tres), ‘Dominoes,’ and ‘Candle Flame’ (ft. Erick The Architect), ‘Back On 74’ ventures into new sonic territories, promising an exhilarating and invigorating musical journey that fans are sure to cherish.

Under the masterful direction of J Lloyd and Charlie Di Placido, ‘Back On 74’ unveils a mesmerizing visual spectacle. Filmed at the iconic Alexandra Palace in London, the video serves as a triumphant culmination of the collaborative series between Jungle and WeTransfer, teasing the forthcoming album ‘Volcano.’ Produced with WeTransfer’s artistic touch, this captivating audiovisual experience takes viewers on an enchanting journey, intertwining Jungle’s infectious beats with stunning visuals that breathe life into their music. The culmination of this creative collaboration leaves fans eagerly anticipating the arrival of ‘Volcano,’ poised to set the music world ablaze with its brilliance.

Watch Jungle’s infectious new video, Back On 74 HERE

Written by John Zebra