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Jye Whiteman Croons Over Musical Borders On ‘Do Ya Wanna’

A new and incredibly exciting voice has spawned from Brisbane and his name is Jye Whiteman. Bare witness to his impress vocal dynamics and ethereal understanding of the inditronica genre. His latest, Do Ya Wanna is a journey of musical antics and circumstantial pop sensibilities.

Kicking off in a hushed tone, Jye uses his best asset, his voice, to pull you into the track. Sonically, in the background, a technical beat rivals his voice for contention of beauty. As it progresses, Jye picks some hip-hop-inspired vocal licks and translates them into his aforementioned indietronica vibe. Jye blends the organic and inorganic musical components so effortlessly—his voice, at times, goes under the vocoder treatment while he picks up a guitar and jams out a catchy melody.

Do Ya Wanna twists and turns; veering left when you think it will turn right. It’s these frantic and acutely passionate shifts in musical dynamics which allows Jye to stand out from the rest. Equal parts funky and smooth, Do Ya Wanna is the best end of summer.

Humbly, Jye used to live in the UK and has played festivals such as The Great Escape, Together The People, 110 Above and more. He’s also jumped on support slots for Jose Gonzalez, The Rubens and Jake Bugg, for crying out loud!

For the moment, Jye Whiteman doesn’t have any shows currently planned. However, keep your eyes pinned to AAA Backstage for any changes on that front—he’s promised a big year and Do Ya Wanna is just the beginning of it.

Written by Jake Wilton