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Kaeda Daze Reveals The Sonic Inspiration Behind Her Debut Single ‘Running From Something’

Kendra Fewster has returned with an introspective new single ‘Running From Something’, her debut release under the new moniker Kaeda Daze.

After a two-year lockdown-induced hiatus from music, the former member of WA folk/pop band ‘The Hunting Birds’ is ready to reveal her solo project to the world. This debut single blends a hypnotic mix of lo-fi and cinematic pop overtones, stepping into a similar sonic space as Gordi, Gretta Ray and AURORA. Brought to life by an absolute dream team, ‘Running From Something’ was produced by Sam Burtt (Sam Phay, Stellie), mixed by ARIA, AWMA, and Music Victoria Award-nominated engineer Becki Whitton (Tash Sultana, G Flip, Allday) and mastered by Wayne Sunderland Suture Mastering (Pnau, Disclosure, Motez).

Amid atmospheric pads and textures, Kaeda Daze’s compelling vocals carry out the raw emotive lyrics, exploring the strength in fragility and vulnerability. A reminder that you can make it through difficult times, she explains, “I like to imagine that we have metaphorical swords in hand, ready to take on whatever bullshit we have to face. I am an emotionally charged person and wanted to create something that did in fact reflect that.”

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Allow Daze to walk you through the tracks that inspired ‘Running From Something’ below:

Goodbye – Ramsey

Yes, I have a healthy (debatable) love for the Arcane League of Legends series but this song has a simmering power that I wanted to recreate in my own song. It reminds me of the raging calm before the storm and I love it.

The River – AURORA

If I could make my chorus sound even a half as good as this I was going to try best to make it happen. That wall of sound and breath of release as it hits is pretty magic.

The Kings Affirmation – Iniko

Iniko found beautiful symmetry in raw power and ethereal in this track. I always imagine her sitting on a throne dripping in gold listening to this song.

I Hold You – CLAAN

The tangibility of this song makes my brain jitter in my skull. It’s fragile and beautiful as it takes you on an unyielding journey for the whole nine minutes.

Waiting – Bri Clark

Bri Clark has a choke hold on this dark energy, the explosion of stacked harmonies, vocoder and insane vocals. It was a no-brainer inspo song.

Just The Way I Am – Emma Louise

Although it was difficult to focus on just one song of hers, I am always extremely inspired by the intimacy of her lyricism. 

The Moment I Said It – Imogen Heap

This song allows a plume of airy tension and I think it perfectly captures the yearning, panic and spiral of realisation that a relationship is on its last legs. 

Madness – Ruelle

This is where I looked for inspiration in how to envelope the walking into battle aspect of the song. Big bass, synths that create one big war cry.

Pang – Caroline Polachek

I was drawn to the metallic feel of this track, still has a beautiful pop structure with this otherworldly feel. Tick, tick, tick. 

Heaven I Know – Gordi

It’s in all the little blimps of detail of the background while allowing space for the vocals. Gordi always had this perfect sancton of natural and man made sonically and I find it extremely beautiful.

Listen to the cinematic new track out everywhere now!


Written by Alice Powell