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Kalopsia Bursts Onto The Scene With Her Debut Single, ‘Retrospect’

Brisbane singer-songwriter Kalopsia has hit the scene shining with her debut single, Retrospect. It’s the first of many from the young artist after captivating live audiences around her home town.

Retrospect hits the tone almost instantly with it’s smooth, funky retrowave vibe that it offer. Deep and melting vocals compliment the funk/disco vibes perfectly as we’re whisked away in a cloudy haze. The song was written about sticking your ground and standing up for yourself.

‘Retrospect’ is about standing up for yourself in situations where you might’ve been shut down or manipulated by someone you trusted. It’s about looking back on these experiences and appreciating how much you’ve grown and learned since that time.” – Kalopsia

Retrospect is a stunning debut from Kalopsia and we’re excited to hear more from this talented artist. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro