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Kanye Goes After Wiz Khalifa On Twitter

Kanye Swish

This morning we were all reminded of the beautiful event that is a Kanye West album rollout, as he took a break from making the greatest album of all time to attack Wiz Khalifa on Twitter.

After Kanye changed the title of his upcoming album to ‘WAVES’ (initially ‘SWISH’) yesterday, Wiz Khalifa sent out a series of tweets accusing the Chicago rapper of stealing the ‘wave movement’ from Harlem rapper Max B.

Wiz Khalifa tweets


However, it was a tweet that Kanye believed referred to his wife Kim Kardashian that sent him over the edge and he then proceeded to gift us with the first great Twitter rant of 2016.

In a series of tweets, Kanye accuses Khalifa of ripping off Kid Cudi’s style and making ‘corny as f*ck’ music. Things took a turn for the weird when Ye introduced #Wizwearscoolpants into the conversation and claimed to own Khalifa’s child.

Kanye Tweet 1

The feud got particularly ugly when Kanye brought his own ex-girlfriend and Khalifa’s ex-wife Amber Rose into the mix who then provided a particularly NSFW response.

Amber Rose Tweets


In the end, Ye removed the tweets claiming to only want positive energy but it was too late for Khalifa whose Wikipedia page briefly showed that he had been killed on Twitter. However the real lesson to be learnt here is that you should never tweet about Amber Rose because she can and will clap back.


Check out Kanye’s latest track No More Parties in LA and keep an eye out for ‘WAVES’ on February 11.