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Karen Harding Reveals Emotional Charged Single, ‘Judge You’

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter, Karen Harding has just revealed her brand new single, ‘Judge You’. The gentle track is taken from her forthcoming album, Behind The Mask.

With a soul-stirring essence, this poignant ballad delves into the intricate dynamics of self-reflection, shedding light on the profound impact of self-judgment on the human psyche. As the melody unfolds, Harding skillfully unveils the intricacies of our internal struggles, unraveling the layers that conceal our shielding devices, subtly influencing the conversations we have with ourselves.

Crafted by the skilled hands of producer Daniel Nieberg, the instrumental backdrop for this song seamlessly weaves together Karen Harding’s ghostly pitches and commanding pop stylings. Nieberg’s meticulous production not only provides a musical canvas but also establishes an evocative atmosphere that perfectly complements Harding’s deeply raw and introspective lyrics. The synergy between Nieberg’s artistry and Harding’s emotive storytelling enhances the overall strength of emotion embedded within the song, creating a captivating sonic journey for the listener.

It’s been a smooth ride for Harding since her debut 2021 release, I Didn’t Realise. She has gone on to collaborate with international artists and producers alongside winning songwriting competitions as well as being nominated for the World Songwriting Awards and Best International Artist at Crags Radio Independent Artist Awards of 2022.

Judge You is a gentle and emotionally powered track that will enchant any music lover, Karen Harding as highlighted her ability as a captivating songwriter in this one. Judge You is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro