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Kaytranada Drops Cray “You’re The One” Clip + Final Tour Tickets


Haitian-born producer Louis Kevin Celestin a.k.a. Kaytranada has been busy of late, dropping his ‘.001% ???’ mixtape last week and following up with an intriguing music video for You’re The One ft. SYD!

Glowing synth and snappy dance percussion gets the track off to an energetic start. Through the verses, deep pulsing synth interlocks with thin, poppy fillers, forgotten in the chorus as the vocals take centre stage. Reminiscent of classic 2007 RnB, the female vocals are breathy, intimate, and intriguing – think Rihanna in her ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ phase. It’s the mark of a solid release that it ends too quickly – just as you’re getting into the groove, that steady beat and those smooth vocals are replaced by eerie, almost alien textures, and seconds later the song meets an abrupt end.

Filled with bright pink hair dryers and fluorescent nail polish, the music video more than matches the vibrancy and colour of the song. It plays with the premise of a girls’ night in, complete with curlers, pizza, and every kind of late night TV show, and quickly turns into a fantasy involving a mystery man, one hell of a dance party, and a shock proposal. That escalated quickly.

Kaytranada is kicking off the almost sold-out Australian leg of the 99.9% tour next month, and lucky Brisbane and Perth fans have one last chance to grab a ticket! Check out the details and Kaytranada’s You’re The One music video below!

Kaytranada ‘99.9%’ Tour – Final Tickets

Metro City, Perth
The Tivoli, Brisbane

Get Tickets HERE

Written by Jess Martyn