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Keaper Reveal Captivating Single, ‘Alone’ + Announce Debut Album

Launching into the new year with creative energy, Keaper, the alternative shoegaze ensemble that emerged in 2020, presents their latest emotionally charged single, ‘Alone.’ This compelling track is a sneak peek into the sonic landscapes awaiting listeners in their forthcoming concept album, ‘Waking Dream.’

Immersed in an aura of enigma, ‘Alone’ is a pivotal chapter within the narrative of self-discovery and individual growth that defines the album. Led by the celestial tones of guitarist and vocalist Ameya Ajay, the song weaves a sonic tapestry that mirrors the emotional journey of the album’s protagonist. With ethereal guitar melodies and evocative harmonies, Keaper invites listeners into the dreamlike realm where the protagonist navigates an unfamiliar world, providing a glimpse into the profound exploration of identity and acceptance that defines the overarching storyline.

‘Alone’ was the first song we wrote off the album during a little writing retreat in South Australia. It relates to the “transformation” step of the “hero’s journey”, just after the character experiences their lowest point,”

“It’s about daring to be different and authentic, potentially challenging the status quo and coming to terms with standing alone in that space. That’s conveyed in the empowering energy of the music as well.”Ameya, Keaper.

Having already captivated audiences with two EP releases, Keaper continues to push boundaries and explore the depths of their musical universe, promising an immersive experience for fans eagerly anticipating the full album release. Alone is available now everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro