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Kezra Shares Exquisite Debut EP, ‘Fortress’

Hailing from Naarm/Melbourne, singer-songwriter KEZRA has released her debut EP’ Fortress‘, delving into nostalgia as she reflects on her early 20s. The indie-pop melodies convey optimism, heartbreak, and solace, influenced by artists like Holly Humberstone, Phoebe Bridgers and Maggie Rogers.

The title track ‘Fortress‘ introduces a wave of KEZRA’s intimate vocals that add warmth to the radiant instrumental. Reverb-laced guitars enhance the understated rhythm section as she recognises the parts of herself she has lost after leaving a long-term relationship.

The acoustic-centred track ‘Back Home‘ follows, creating a dreamy tone focusing on harmonised vocals and grungy electric guitar. The rising crescendo portrays a sense of restraint and yearning, echoing the ache of being “taken back to the house where we met”.

Insane‘ marks the centre of the release and shifts the record to an upbeat, pop-drenched KEZRA signature with an expansive and sentimental feel. The spellbinding lyrics and captivating vocals carry the listener’s attention, while the addictive and solitary chorus creates a liberating and entranced atmosphere.

The next track, ‘Morning‘, showcases sombre chords that accompany KEZRA’s comforting voice, evoking an overall hypnotic soundscape. The haunting feel of the track mirrors her appreciation that despite tough days, there will always be that one person who will stand by.

Closer ‘With You‘ starts with layered arpeggiated guitars as KEZRA explores the reluctance to let go of someone in a fleeting moment. The ever-drenched ambience conveys hope and love amid echoing vocals that provide a healing aura.

KEZRA’s ‘Fortress‘ is a collection of songs that narrate stories of growth, introspection and the myriad emotions that shape who you become. Through each track, she crafts an artful balance between vulnerability and strength and beckons listeners to immerse themselves in her sound, discovering echoes of their own feelings within its intricate melodies and lyrical narratives.




Written by John Zebra