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Khruangbin Returns with New Album ‘A LA SALA’

Khruangbin, the globally renowned trio celebrated for their eclectic blend of Thai funk, soul, and psychedelia, has just unveiled their latest sonic masterpiece: A LA SALA. After a four-year hiatus since their last album, the band’s return is marked by an ethereal offering that captivates listeners with its transcendent soundscapes.

Crafted in collaboration with their long-time engineer, Steve Christensen, A LA SALA is a testament to Khruangbin’s commitment to authenticity and minimalism. With minimal overdubs and a focus on purity of sound, the album serves as a hypnotic portal into the band’s creative vision, offering a fresh perspective while staying true to their distinctive style.

Featuring twelve tracks, including three previously released singles A Love International, Pon Pón, and May Ninth, A LA SALA has already amassed impressive online streams, showcasing the band’s enduring popularity and influence in the music world.

Listeners can expect to be transported by the album’s chilled-out grooves and earthy tones, making it the perfect soundtrack for a cozy evening by the fireplace with a glass of wine in hand. A LA SALA not only reaffirms Khruangbin’s status as musical innovators but also sets the stage for an exciting journey ahead, promising a future filled with boundless creativity and sonic exploration.

Written by John Zebra