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Khruangbin Take Us Another Step Closer To New Album With ‘Pon Pón’

Khruangbin fans, brace yourselves! With less than a month until the release of their highly anticipated album, A LA SALA, the band has treated us to another delightful preview this week with their latest single, ‘Pon Pón’. Transporting us to the vibrant atmosphere of a West African discotheque, ‘Pon Pón’ exudes infectious joy. Yet, amidst the pulsating beats and groovy melodies, Khruangbin showcases their musical finesse with a mesmerising interplay between Laura Lee’s soulful bass lines, DJ’s crisp hi-hat patterns, and Marko’s irresistible rhythm scratches, inviting listeners to nod along in appreciation of their undeniable talent. The new single follows on from the previously released singles, A Love International and May Ninth.

Since their inception, Khruangbin has boldly charted their own course, crafting a unique sonic and visual identity with scant reference points, defying the constraints of pop conventions and drawing solely from their inner musings and myriad influences. Their ethos revolves around delving deep into the self, forging connections with the world around them, and sculpting their existence through a kaleidoscope of personal encounters. The 12 tracks of ‘A LA SALA’ are assembled from fragments of Khruangbin’s rich creative history, unearthing facets of the band’s essence that lay dormant, waiting to be unearthed. These pieces, born from spontaneous recordings—a blend of sound-check musings, introspective voyages, and serendipitous revelations—were meticulously arranged in the studio, forming the intricate mosaic that is ‘A LA SALA’.

‘Pon Pón’ is available now everywhere, while the album, A LA SALA is available April 5th.


Written by Chris Lamaro