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King Brown Share A Visual Diary Of Their Latest EP, ‘Out In The Desert’

Perth rock outfit, King Brown have recently unveiled their dynamic brand new EP, Out In The Desert. It’s six tracks of pure power and confirms King Brown as a band that is on the rise.

Out In The Desert covers a range of vibes throughout, with hints of nostalgia, creative songwriting and some straight up pure rock hits. It’s a diverse listen from start to finish with it’s warm and unique guitar work through to the rich vocal deliveries from frontman, Brendan Cross.

“This EP has a very much versatile sound, ranging from high energy rock with ‘Moto’ to a cool, laid back bop with ‘Oyzo’, but it’s a sound that’s very much our own, and we’ve found it and grown more into it naturally as we have progressed as a band. It’s cataloguing different times in the band, from early days to very new stuff and we can’t wait to play these songs live and hopefully have the audience finally be able to sing along to them too.”King Brown

We are blessed today to share with you some very exclusive behind the scenes visual diary entries from the band. It gives you an insight into how the band developed their sound across Out In The Desert.

This was right after we just finished recording the EP. It was early March at Bum Chic Studio, I think by then we were super stoked to have finally finished it, after many weeknights in the hotbox (Ben has aircon in there now!) I’d say this is a very well earnt beer.


Ash laying down some lead on his new firebird, not quite sure what song this was for. Ash & I (shaun) would go in to bens on the weekend and knock out a full day of guitars sometimes, I feel like Ash spent a lot more time on the couch waiting for me to nail my parts that I did haha.


Brendon chilling after jam. One of the many sessions we’ve spent at this place writing and jamming out the EP. It’s been our go to for the past couple of years now, best rehearsal studio around.


Ash & Ben hard at work. This is the first time we’ve used keys in any of our songs, it really added that little extra boost in a couple of the choruses making them sound mega.


Brendon laying down the vocals, I think this was for Moto, our earliest song on the EP. You can see the glockenspiel in the background here in Bens box of interesting percussion instruments, we snuck it into a few of the tunes along with a couple others.

All Diary photos by Shaun Kennedy


Out In The Desert is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro