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King Brown Take Us Behind The Scenes During The Making Of Their Single, ‘My Love’

WA five-piece alt-rock outfit King Brown recently revealed smooth single, My Love. It’s just over three minutes of super cool rockin vibes. Today the band have shared with us some behind the scenes images and stories that came with the making of the bopping tune.


Jake’s first recording session with us. This was at vision studios in vic park, I think it only took him about 2 or 3 takes on each track. Absolute Menace! (Photo Shaun Kennedy)

Brendon got acrobatic with his make shift keyboard stand during rehearsal. This was taken at pen cap chew studios. Refreshment in hand is a must for a good old summer rehearsal. (Photo Shaun Kennedy)

This was during the writing/recording process for the new single. We put on and headlined our own mini-fest called “late Bloomers” at Clancy’s Fish Pub Fremantle. This was Jakes first show with us. We had a bunch of fun with it, Brendon was running of stage and jumping on the tables, and it sold out! (Photo Mitch Love)

Ash shredding a solo for ‘My Love’ on his new Les Paul at vision studio’s, with Ben hard at work in the background! Ben recorded, produced and mixed ‘My Love’, this is our first track that’s nearly all in house! (Photo Shaun Kennedy)

Late on a weeknight at Bens Bumchic Studio working hard adding final touches to a batch of songs, there’s plenty more on the way after this one! (Photo Shaun Kennedy)


King Brown’s toe tapping track, My Love is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro