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King No-One Now Someone With Rocking New Single “Halo”


At some point nobody may have known their names, but British band ‘King No-One’ are finally getting noticed after releasing their latest single Halo.

The York-based band may have a touch of The Killers and Arctic Monkeys throughout their material, but they have truly developed their own unique sound in this new single which captivates you from the first guitar hook.

This is the type of band you expect to see in a smoky bar where you’re unsure if the lighting effects are on purpose or just from a lack of wiring, but either way you don’t care as long as they’re are continuing to rock out on stage long after they were meant to end.

But that doesn’t take away the killer beat from this song and hypnotic vocals coming from Zach Lounts’ mouth. Halo captured exactly what ‘King No-One’ had been missing, with the track sporting a rhythm which is sure to get you moving and a vocal track that put this pretty little number into the spotlight.

The band has grown a lot since past songs  Say My Name and Stay Close, which are both decent pieces, but fell short in truly setting this band apart from the rest of the pack. Now the band has finally been able to pull ahead and will shortly be embarking on a tour across the United Kingdom.

This is certainly one band to keep an eye on as they’re only expected to get better in the future as they continue branching out and making a name for themselves.