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King Of Aesthetic GUM Drops New Music Out Of Nowhere, Album Out Soon


Having played sporadic shows under the moniker of GUM as of late along with bulk shows with POND and Tame Impala, it’s hard to imagine Jay Watson has any free time. But here we are staring at new music from GUM as well as a new album on the way in under a week!

‘Flash in the Pan’ will be the third self-produced album released by Jay Watson under the name GUM, and will drop on Friday the 11th of November. Previous releases ‘Delorean Highway’ and ‘Glamorous Damage’ were lavish retro-esque synth showcases, and judging by the first taste of ‘Flash in the Pan’ with Gemini the game-plan hasn’t changed, only being upped more as with his previous releases.

To get you hyped for the release of ‘Flash in the Pan’, GUM released a smoky and luxurious album teaser full of ominous thumping beats and late-night saxophone. The video is only a minute long and is a fantastic way to drum up hype if you ask us, featuring GUM’s best buds Sergio Florres, Kirin J Callinan, and Mac Demarco making an appearance.

Gemini is what we have come to love from GUM, but Watson has developed his sound. His vocals have been refined more and sound better than ever, processed with a fantastic warmth and tenderness yet with an eerie echo that plays well with the spacey synths.

Not only have the vocals improved but the bass on GeminiĀ is absolutely phenomenal, a mix of funky lines and pulsing time-keeping that dip between clean production and lo-fi.

While Gemini doesn’t have the over-the-top dance vibe that can be found all over ‘Glamorous Damage’ with tracks like Anesthetized Lesson, the mood of Gemini is eerie, groovy bliss and we can’t wait for ‘Flash in the Pan’ to drop on Friday!