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King Washington Serve Up A Tasty Indie-Rock Lasagna In New Track “My Reflection”


After the booming success of their 2013 album ‘The Overload’, Los Angeles indie-rock group King Washington have released their latest single My Reflection. Lifted from their upcoming album ‘Potential’, set for release in January, My Reflection is the perfect mashup of classic and modern rock.

My Reflection delivers the band’s signature Southern Californian style and infusion of folk, blues, cinematic vibes, and psychedelic soundscapes. The track showcases King Washington’s talent to blend absorbing dynamics with warm melodies and harmonies. Honestly the single is like an indie-rock lasagna, filled with layers of harmonies, soaring choral melodies, and cheese-glued together with high-energy instrumentation.

King Washington have certainly come a long way since forming in a garage back in 2005. The group have since toured with the likes of Ambrosia, Arctic Monkeys, and Collective Soul, so it’s not hard to see why they’re one of the most sought after live bands in Southern California!

King Washington’s fourth studio album ‘Potential’ is set for release on January 27, so stay tuned and be prepared for one hell of an collection of indie-rock jams. Until then, vibe out to the perfect-for-summer track My Reflection below!