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Kirrah Amosa Shares Her Biggest Musical Influences

Canberra R&B artist, Kirrah Amosa recently unveiled her brand new single, Possessive. It follows on from her previous release, Banana which has racked up some impressive streams online.

Possessive is a confident and passionate tune that sees Amosa’s talent for writing big bops shine bright.

“2020/2021 bestowed on me the best of the worst; crushed my dreams, dissolved years of hard work, ended my relationship, introduced me to my new bestie, Anxiety, and helped me understand that the niggling feeling in the back of my head wasn’t motivation to be healthier – it was body dysmorphia. 

2022 is officially the new year of birth as I have completely shed all remnants of the shame and doubt that fueled my being and have fully embraced my good and semi-toxic traits e.g., ‘Possessive’.  Accepting this darker side of me was nothing short of absolute liberation, so if you’re anything like me, I offer you this.

 Instead of entering the always-vicious screening cycle with a new potential partner, feel free to play them ‘Possessive’. Let ‘em know what to expect, and if they get surprised by your ‘passion’ (or emotion-filled mood swings), that’s on them.” – Kirrah Amosa

Today Kirrah has shared with us her biggest musical influences and wowee there are some awesome treats in there.


DFMU, Ella Mai – this track makes being vulnerable groovy as hell, makes me wanna try it.

WOMAN, Doja – tired of this song living rent free in my head no matter how hard I try to evict. Doja hit it on the head.

BS, Jhene Aiko, H.E.R – this whole message is my forever mood and then H.E.R came in bout the roommate pheewwww

PRESSURE, Ari Lennox – ‘why you ain’t f* w me when I wasn’t this fly?’ @ soo many people tryna snake back into my life rn. I’ll never skip this song.

FIRE, SiR – by the second chord, my neck is limp, my head is back, my eyes are shut, my feels are awwn. I don’t even know what he says most the time, but best believe I feel it.

WHAT YOU DID, Mahalia, Ella Mai – way to give heartbreak / calling out the truth the power is deserves, Mahalia never misses.

ASS LIKE THAT, Victoria Monet – this song got me through the worlds first lockdown, my quarantine hotel woulda been real sick of this after two straight weeks. And Vicky wrote it about me so..

BOUNCIN, Kiana Ledé, Offset – sun shining, windows down, look to your left and see me bouncing to this at the lights by myself. Every damn time.

GOOD & PLENTY REMIX Alex Isley, Lucky Daye, Masego – the original was tight til Masego AMBUSHES you with a vocal tone crafted by the angels. This that late night wind down.

NIGHTS LIKE THIS, Kehlani, Ty Dolla Sign – I’m a ride or die for Kehlani so when she dropped this track I felt like YG cheated on me too and I’ve never forgiven him.

WISH I DIDNT MISS YOU, Angie Stone – the foundation of what we call Soul was built from tracks like this. Angie, I see you.

GIVE YOU BLUE (Acoustic), Allen Stone – good luck finding someone that sounds better in person than the recording, enter Allen. Don’t know why I’m crying but I won’t stop til the songs over.

CRUISIN, D’Angelo – D’Angelo can take me wherever he damn pleases.

SLOW DANCING IN A BURNING ROOM, John Mayer – I’ll never not feel anything when I hear this guitar riff. This song has dug me out of many deep holes.


Kirrah Amosa’s addictive new single, Possessive is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro