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Kit Genesis Reveals New Ballad, ‘The Fire’

Indie artist Kit Genesis has just dropped their second single, The Fire, from their upcoming debut EP Romanticism. This mellow ballad showcases Kit’s softer indie side, following their more upbeat debut single, Pride.

The Fire dives deep into the raw emotions and uncertainties of romance, capturing Kit’s journey of finding queer love and self-acceptance. Kit shares, “I wrote this song when I started dating someone. It’s about the whirlwind feelings of liking someone and not knowing if they feel the same. I had to challenge my doubts and take a chance.”

The track, produced by Bonnie Knight, embraces the spirit of 2000s indie rock, the visual for ‘The Fire’ was filmed on an old Panasonic camcorder, giving it a vintage home video vibe, thanks to the creative efforts of Phoebe Veldhuizen and Ebi Coniglio.

Since transitioning from their previous project Tess Hannah, Kit has fully embraced their trans/non-binary identity, infusing their music with heartfelt authenticity. Already making waves with live shows and supporting acclaimed artists, Kit is set to release ‘Romanticism’ later this year.

No doubt this is going to be one big year for Kit Genesis, The Fire is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra