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KLP Returns With Hot New Single, Symphony and Announces EP Tour

Amidst the diverse tapestry of musical talents, KLP emerges as a shining luminary, recognised for her multifaceted roles as a go-to writer, vocal producer, and sought-after collaborator on the international stage. The unveiling of her new single, Symphony, not only serves as a prelude to her eagerly awaited EP set to drop in June but also heralds the commencement of an electrifying national tour, commencing this weekend in Sydney.

Launching into the new year with her latest release, Symphony, KLP maintains her enchanting hold on audiences with the unmistakable allure of her signature sound. Infused with a pulsating bassline, contagious piano hooks, and an irresistible topline, Symphony not only captivates but also sets the stage for an impending anthem that is poised to ignite the music scene with its scintillating energy.

“I started this one at my studio in Marrickville, and for ages, it was a really raw track idea and vocal that I couldn’t get out of my head. I couldn’t quite figure out what exactly to do with it, so I sent it out to a few different friends to see if they could help get it sitting where I knew it could land. Loods and Dave Winnel both hit me back, and together we all got it sitting sweet how you hear it now. Dave really helped get the bed sitting nice, and Loods came in with those hotkeys that really just gave it the right energy I was looking for. The end result is a melancholy but hopeful earworm that just keeps running in my head! It’s the first track off an EP coming over the next few months… stay tuned.” – KLP.

Symphony stands as a testament to KLP’s ability to craft an auditory masterpiece, a harmonious blend of pulsating beats and irresistible melodies that solidify her position as a captivating force in dance music.


Mar 2 – Love Clvb, Sydney

Mar 8 – Beach Road, Bondi

Mar 30 – Movements, Wollongong

Mar 31 – Made On Sundays, Newcastle

April 5 – Parkhouse, Monavale

April 21 – Riverland, Brisbane

May 11 – Electric Circus, Adelaide

May 18 – One22, Canberra

**More dates TBA

Written by Chris Lamaro