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Kurilpa Reach Reinvent The Reggae Wheel On ‘Bilson’

Only two songs into their promisingly long career, Brisbane’s Kurilpa Reach make a suave and savvy effort in reinventing the reggae wheel. Bilson is the group’s latest and manipulates a new stylistic choice for not only the band, but the genre.

Kurilpa Reach make reggae appealing for non-reggae fans. Their austere and lucid approach makes for a charming rendition of reggae and psych. The guitar tones on display are out of control but never outshine the other standout—the horn section. Perfectly harmonising with lead vocalist, Vicente’s, voice, the horns amp up the skank and double the rhythmic fun that ties it all together.

For some reason or another, Koi Child instantly comes to mind when listening to Kurilpa Reach. The aforementioned Perth group took the fundamentals of select genres, tore up the rule books and piece together the shreds into their own concoction of melodic bliss. Kurilpa Reach has done just the same with reggae, roots and indie-rock. It’s this tasty melange the group have devised which surely appeals to fans both old and new.

Lyrically, the song touches on the fleeting ability to go cold turkey on an addiction, while being aware that it brings more harm—one that is dubiously tied to the world of reggae.

Come Friday 31 August, it’s time to really get on down to dance at Brisbane’s The Flying Cock as Kurilpa Reach will launch Bilson to what’s sure to be a packed out room.

Kurilpa Reach Live Dates

The Flying Cock, Brisbane

Written by Jake Wilton