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Kyle Charles Hall Embraces Adulthood With His Latest Offering, ‘In Love 23’

Sydney-based indie artist-pop artist Kyle Charles Hall recently revealed his coming-of-age influenced single, In Love 23. The relatable new tune follows from his previously well-received single, Blue Boy.

In Love 23 is a bopping number that instantly gets those toes tapping from the moment you press that play button. Coastal guitar tones, catchy melodies and a sing-along vocal delivery make this your ultimate summertime pop tune. The track explores all those changes we go through in our early to mid-twenties; you know, who am I? who are my real friends? What do I want in life?

“In Love, 23 is about a time in my life where I felt incredibly lost (quarter life crisis, anyone?). I feel like at this age you really start to notice how precious time is, and this song was very much a step towards being more grateful for what I do have and loving the people around me with all I have.” – Kyle Charles Hall.

This tune is instantly relatable because we’ve all been there, and it’s catchy as hell. It’s your ultimate upbeat, warm day companion. In Love 23 is available now everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro