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LA Based Artist Skandra Will Warm Your Heart With Her Latest Single, Rivers

LA based alt pop artist Skandra has been making some massive waves with the release of her super soft indie synth jam, Rivers. The track has gone super viral on Tik-Tok and has racked up a whopping 1 million streams on Spotify and has garnered the attention from some big players in the music industry.

Rivers is a lovely feeling slow gem that sees Skandra really flex on her songwriting and vocal ability. The warm lush intro with beautiful arpeggiated basslines, soft vocal touch and bopping beats suck you in immediately. The track was written on a small synth in a guest house in Los Feliz and has been touched up by some impressive names. It was produced and made audible by Travis Warner (Frith), mixed by Mike Schuppan (M83, Paramore, Jimmy Eatworld) and mastered by David Cooley (Tame Impala, Dr. Dog, Metric).

The tracks was actually inspired by years of playing with vintage casio synths and a love of older indie music.

This song is a story we have each possibly lived inside of. But it’s not one you easily wish to remember. It is a toxic setting wherein who you love is shrinking you down to size and somehow you’re not able to break away. The very muse you draw so much from is the same one that hurts you even while you sleep. – Skandra

Rivers is one of those heart warming tunes that touches you from the minute you press play. It’s available now, everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro