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Lacuna Coil Poised To Strike With Heavy New Album ‘Delirium’

lacuna coil

Italian metal outfit Lacuna Coil have announced they will be releasing their eighth studio album ‘Delirium’ in May. Inspired by a mental asylum, the band has upped their songwriting ante for the heavy 11-track recording. The album features a stack of hardcore tracks with titles to match: The House Of Shame, You Hate Me ‘Cause I Love You, and Claustrophobia perfectly align with the sanatorium theme.

The band says ‘Delirium’ is about “the horrors that we must face in everyday life by exploring the unknown [in the hope of finding] the cure.” Lacuna Coil burst onto the metal scene in 2002 with their breakthrough album ‘Comalies’. The band have since toured extensively and honed their sound with several album releases.

Keep an eye out for the album pre-order as we get closer to the release date! The album will be released May 27th.