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Last Chance To Grab Tickets For The Jesus & Mary Chain ‘Psychocandy’ Reunion Tour

Jesus and Mary Chain

It’s been 30 years since post-punk legends The Jesus and Mary Chain released their debut album and undisputed magnum opus ‘Psycho Candy’. The Psycho half of the album’s evocative name stood for the feedback drenched sound that first captured people’s attention, recalling German industrial group Einstürzende Neubauten. Meanwhile, the Candy part came from the retro 60s girl group influence of bands like The Shangri Las.

The combination of both the noise and the melody was ‘Psycho Candy’s magic. It is also the reason why the album continues to resonate with audiences, evidenced by the band’s rapid sell out of their first announced reunion show in Australia at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre. For fans who missed out, a second show was recently announced at Melbourne’s 170 Russell, as well as a headlining slot at Sydney’s Spectrum Now Festival. Unfortunately, Brisbane locals will have to make the trek interstate to catch The Jesus and Mary Chain’s seminal reunion shows.

For those who still need some convincing, we can guarantee that this will be no ordinary reunion show and not just because The Jesus and Mary Chain are no ordinary band. For the 30th anniversary of ‘Psycho Candy’, the band will play the entire album back to back; an entire 43 minutes of reverb-soaked, post-punk treasures. Many of these songs were never actually played live during the band’s height in the 1980s, which means these reunion shows mark some of the few times these songs have been seen live, and certainly the first time for Australian audiences and those who discovered The Jesus and Mary Chain a few generations too late. In addition to the entirety of ‘Psycho Candy, it is also likely audiences will hear a selection of some of the band’s greatest songs from their diverse and dynamic discography, notably the Pixies covered rock n roll anthem Head On.

The tour sees the Reid brothers reunite after coming to heads at the end of the 1990s with their last studio release ‘Munki’ and the disastrous tour that accompanied it. With age and space, the Reid brothers have managed to find a way to tolerate each other, with talk of a new album on the cards. For now, fans will have to be satisfied with playing Psycho Candy on repeat, which luckily never fails to sound fresh and daring, even 30 years later.

Make sure you catch them at one of their upcoming Australian shows in Sydney or Melbourne.

Psycho Candy Reunion Tour Dates:

Spectrum Now Festival – Sydney, NSW

170 Russell – Melbourne, VIC
New Show

Forum Theatre – Melbourne, VIC
Sold Out!

Ticket info  HERE