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Lastlings Reveal Final Teaser, ‘Gravity’ Ahead Of Their Forthcoming Album

Today marks the highly anticipated release of Gravity, the mesmerising masterpiece by Lastlings. This captivating track, infused with their unique blend of sonic innovation, serves as the final gem in their forthcoming sophomore album, Perfect World, set to grace our ears on Friday, 23rd June.

From its captivating inception to its climactic finale, Gravity weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of sound, captivating listeners with its cinematic swells and intricately textured basslines that envelop the ethereal vocals of Amy Dowdle. Serving as another profound chapter in Lastlings’ narrative of desire and heartache, this single encapsulates a period of emotional limbo, expressing the yearning for what once was and the paralysing struggle to move forward. Collaborating with the brilliant LA artist Rinzen on co-production and benefiting from the mixing prowess of Simon Lam (known for his work with Kllo, Cub Sport, and Allday), Gravity emerges as a breathtaking addition to the enchanting tapestry of Perfect World. Once again, Lastlings astonish their devoted fanbase with their intoxicating fusion of poignant lyricism and dreamy indie-dance production, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape.

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“We had been stuck on finishing this song throughout the entirety of writing this record. Amy used parts of a song that she wrote years ago, for example, the very end of the track, “Now we’re on hold”. We asked Rinzen, who remixed a song of ours from our first record to add his finishing touches to this track. The driving gritty bassline is our favourite part of this song.” – Lastlings

Exciting times for the young talents, prepare yourself for an enchanting musical journey that transcends boundaries and transports you to a realm of pure sonic bliss. Gravity is available now, with the album set for release on June 23.


Written by Chris Lamaro