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LAUREL Reveals Latest Offering, ‘Burning Up’

British-born, LA-based singer-songwriter LAUREL has set the music world ablaze with her latest single, ‘Burning Up’, released today as a precursor to her upcoming studio album PALPITATIONS, slated to drop on June 14th. The accompanying music video, co-directed by LAUREL and Elliot Arndt, transports viewers to the heart of a bustling urban landscape, where LAUREL stands tall atop a towering building, symbolising the intensity of her artistry.

‘Burning Up’ delves into themes of introspection and vulnerability, mirroring LAUREL’s personal journey amidst the chaos of change. With her trademark blend of emotive vocals and captivating melodies, LAUREL ignites a fire within listeners, compelling them to join her on this soul-stirring exploration.

Speaking about the track, LAUREL shares, ‘Burning Up’ is about not being able to keep up with yourself. The constant need for excitement, changeability, and adrenaline, which leaves you on the edge of a panic attack. No matter whether you’re in the city or living a simple life in the countryside, your mind is a jungle – relentless and exhausting. You’re trying to hold onto a sense of yourself, of normality, but in the end you lose yourself in it.”

As anticipation mounts for PALPITATIONS, ‘Burning Up’ serves as a tantalising taste of what’s to come from this exceptionally talented artist. Fans can immerse themselves in the fiery intensity of ‘Burning Up’ and stay tuned for the full album release in June.

Written by John Zebra