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LAUREL Takes Another Step Towards New Album with, ’45 Degrees’

British-born, LA-based singer-songwriter LAUREL has unveiled her latest single, 45 Degrees, marking the fourth release from her eagerly anticipated studio album, Palpitations.

45 Degrees exudes a summery vibe, with LAUREL’s ethereal vocals and uplifting lyricism capturing the essence of sun-soaked days. Inspired by her engagement in the picturesque south of France, the single radiates feelings of love and euphoria, serving as a polished pop anthem for the season.

“The love you feel is so deep yet the life you live in this love is light-hearted, heady, euphoric, and youthful. It sends you crazy when you are not near them, they are the one that can cool you down like a breeze on a summer’s day. They are the cure, yet they are also the sickness.” – LAUREL.

The accompanying music video, co-directed by LAUREL and Elliott Arndt, transports viewers on a scenic journey along the coast, immersing them in dreamy visuals of sunsets and beachside revelry—a perfect complement to the song’s infectious energy and summertime bliss.

LAUREL continues to solidify her status as a rising star in the music scene, blending her distinctive style with themes of love, joy, and self-discovery. With 45 Degrees as a taste of what’s to come, fans can expect an album that resonates deeply while showcasing LAUREL’s undeniable talent and creative vision.

Written by John Zebra