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Lazy Guns Share Their Favourite All-Time Bands

Sunshine Coast based Rockers Lazy Guns recently released their highly anticipated debut album called ‘Waste My Breath’, which we premiered just last month.  Today to continue the album celebration, the band have shared with us their five favourite bands of all time and why.

Jack’s Pick – Eskimo Joe

I’ve been absolutely obsessed with Eskimo Joe lately. I love getting around the Aussie classics and Eskimo Joe fit right in with the category. Their full album, Black Fingernails, Red Wine has been on repeat in my car for weeks now and I never realised the depth that it carries. Most people only know the title track but songs like ‘Breaking Up’, ‘Setting Sun’ and ‘This Is Pressure’ are my current favourites. I love the simple yet thunderous drums and there’s something special about the unique vocals from Kav Temperley. Just a great band with great tunes!

Richard’s Pick – AC/DC

AC/DC’s driving rhythms from Malcolm Young are the reason why I started playing guitar.
As a teenager in the late 70s, I remember being electrified with excitement over their very first album High Voltage. The opening track ‘Long Way to the Top’ as well as ‘Live Wire’ were total eye-openers for me, or in this case an ear-openers!. The crunchy yet still raw and clean guitar tones from that album not only inspired me to buy my own Marshall cab but Jack as well. Without AC/DC, our band wouldn’t have the dual Marshall sound that we’ve always adored.

Ryan’s Pick – Villem

I’ve recently gained a profound interest in the DnB genre, which is a little bit outta left field for a rock musician like me. In light of this new attraction I have been dabbling in some of the corresponding sub-genres of DnB; Jungle, Break-core and Liquid jazz. I’ve especially had an interest in Break-core, particularly the artist Villem. The breakneck speed rhythms and grooves from his EP 96’ / Deep Step are exhilarating and livening. This artist’s music highlights a new musical passion for me that may be deemed unorthodox as a rock drummer.

Bella’s Pick – Third Eye Blind

I’m not one to get hyped over a specific artist, I just really appreciate a good song. However, I’ve realised that more and more songs accumulating onto my playlist are from Third Eye Blind. Their self-titled debut album has kept me company on my long drives up and down Queensland, giving me an excuse (whilst in the enclosed comfort of my own car) to belt out the lyrics from Stephen Jenkins in their songs ‘Semi-Charmed Life’, ‘How’s It Going to Be’ and ‘London’. Without Jack and Ryan’s exceptional music taste, I wouldn’t be here jamming out to Third Eye Blind’s iconic anthems with them.

Lazy Guns Collective Pick – Foo Fighters

What can we say about Foo Fighters? They’re the biggest rock band in the world at the moment and it’s clear why. Dave Grohl is a master at everything involved with music and he is the reason why so many young people are playing rock n’ roll and jamming in bands today. Foo Fighters were a major influence during the formation of our band with their seventh studio album Wasting Light having a huge impact on the songwriting for our very own album Waste My Breath. Without Foo Fighters music, Lazy Guns would sound a whole lot different.

Written by John Zebra