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Legion Festival Cancelled Just 2 Months Out


Following in the recent trend of the cancelling and end of beloved Australian festivals, it seems Legion Festival has carked it before it was even born. According to Legion’s Facebook page, it was “due to a number of business considerations”, but official details are yet to be released.

Here’s the statement posted on their Facebook page:

“The organisers wish to thank all Aussie metal fans for their continued support of the Legion project over the last 10 months. Due to a number of business considerations, we have made the decision to not proceed with the proposed launch of Legion Music Fest in January 2017.

Please note – no transactions have been processed at all and no fans are out of pocket.

Thanks, Legion HQ”

Right from the start this festival’s future always seemed a little rocky, with it’s crowd-funding campaign only raising a quarter of its intended amount. On top of this, the initial inaugural 2016 festival was then pushed back a year.

The lineup consisted of both international and Australian artists such as Lordi, Devildriver, Polaris, and Aversions Crown. Perhaps the foreign artists will still make their way down under following this cancellation, but who knows.

On the optimistic side, overseas heavy music festivals such as Slipknot’s ‘Knotfest’ and the mammoth Download festival are looking to fill the gap in the Aussie heavy music scene. Fans of Soundwave have been praying and begging for a replacement since its passing late last year (RIP).

It’s hard to tell at this point whether there’s any plans to rejuvenate Legion Festival in 2018, but we can only hope. In the meantime, there’s still plenty of quality heavy music around Australia to quench our thirsts…but yeah, we’re prime for a festival!