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Lemaire Unveils His Anticipated EP, ‘What Did You Expect?’

Gold Coast rapper, songwriter and lyricist, Lemaire has today unviled his much anticipated EP, What Did You Expect? It features his previous release, Ford Laser and Shiraz which have both already racked up some impressive online streams and attention from tastemakers worldwide. Today we threw Lemaire the aux cord to find out who his favourite all time musical inspirations are.



I always knew Mase existed, but it wasn’t until early last year that I fully checked out his discography. He quickly became one of my favourite rappers, and I think heavily influenced the sound and direction of this EP. I feel like he would absolutely destroy a verse on my track “What!? (feat L33ze)” so if anyone has his email, send the song his way.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Everybody knows RHCP and everybody loves RHCP. Their albums are so nostalgic for me, but at the same time, I always notice something new after every listen. John Frusciante’s guitar playing has been a huge influence on my own, and Flea is just iconic. Check out “Cola” for my best attempt at a Flea-esque bassline.

Anderson .Paak

Anyone who has been in a car with me knows I love Andy, especially his album ‘Malibu’. The grooves, the guitars, the rhythms in his vocal. I actually think I bought a laptop and started producing my own music while inspired by the production and instrumentation featured on this record, specifically the track “The Season | Carry Me” – at 0:19 in the song, with the right headphones, it feels like you are swallowed whole by the backing vocals. That one moment had me hooked.

The Brothers Johnson

I got pretty into these guys last year, and they quickly started to influence my music making. The basslines are sick, the grooves are tight, and the melodies are hooky as. The Brothers Johnson to me feel like a ‘healthy’ band to listen to – like watching a documentary, or eating a really wholesome meal. It feels like I learn from them and that they positively affect my mood and my music making.


I’m not only mentioning BOY SODA because I was lucky enough to get him as a feature on ‘Be Myself’, but because I am genuinely a BIG fan. He has got to be the most underrated artist on the Australian scene right now. I definitely recommend diving deep into his Spotify, paying special attention to his new EP, which has been in constant rotation in my house since its release.


Lemaire’s dynamic new EP, What Did You Expect? is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro