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letlive. Are Back And More Explosive Than Ever!

letlive final pres sshot

US progressive hardcore mainstays letlive. are back with their politically charged new single Good Mourning, America. Since their inception in 2002, letlive. have been at the forefront of multiple genres including rap, punk, metal, and funk and this latest release sees their most ambitious musical outing to date.

Good Mourning, America is first single from the band’s fourth full length album ‘I’m the Devil…’ set to be released Friday 10th of June. This barnstorming track makes no secret of the band’s political views and vocal stance on social issues. Frontman Jason Butler explains, “Our music is very left-leaning. It’s very clear I have a large disdain for the way a lot of systems are working and our society’s incapability to unravel”.

The single is inspired by recent police shootings and brutality issues in the US. Lyrics such as “We ain’t so different now are we?”/Said the cop to the killer inside of me/We’ve got the right to take your life, so do just what you’re told,” show letlive.’s passionate stance towards the topical subject.

Musically, the single is unsurprisingly hard to pigeon-hole to a specific genre. Like most of letlive.’s music, the song bounces from a range of inspirations such as gangsta rap, hardcore, Linkin Park esque nu metal, and even the mammoth guitar riffage of 70s classic rock. It’s evident that letlive. thrive off being as experimental as possible and purposely distance themselves from any genre label or specific scene.

letlive. are a band that can be appreciated by everyone no matter what music they’re into. They are a band defined by their radical political stance, however this does not take away from their amazingly diverse and intelligent song-writing prowess.