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Lila Drew Curdles The Heartstrings With Her Stunning New Single, ‘Lila’s Theme’

London-born/LA-raised pop singer-songwriter, Lila Drew recently revealed her stunning new single, Lila’s Theme. The new single alongside its accompanying video are taken from Lila’s forthcoming debut album, All The Places I Could Be which is set for release on Novermber 11th.

Lila’s Theme is a rich and heart-melting track that carries a truly soothing motion. Smooth hovering harmonies moulded in with Lila’s outstanding vocal delivery make this tune your ultimate chilled piece of musical art. Lila drew inspiration for the track from a Joan Didion essay, The White Album.

A lot of Lila’s Themeis about Joan Didion’s essay … She talks about 1968 in Los Angeles in such a poignant and unromantic way. And she was the first woman I’d ever read who talked about mental health with such honesty. I just love her work so much and it’s inspired a lot of my music and my non-music writing. I was thinking a lot about how communication was just so vastly different in the time she was writing “The White Album” versus the time I was writing Lila’s Theme. How our relationships have changed so much because of the changes in communication. That’s what Lila’s Theme is all about, and a really central theme to a lot of the songs I’ve written.” Lila Drew.

Lila’s Theme is a stunning piece of work and truly highlights Drew’s knack for writing rich and moving melodies. It’s available now, everywhere with the feature album, All The Places I Could Be set for release on November 11th.

Written by Chris Lamaro