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Lisa Caruso Finds Strength In Motion On ‘Shake Baby Shake’

Lisa Caruso

Lisa Caruso has worked so very hard to be where she is today. Shake Baby Shake is the singer-songwriter’s latest and may be her opus track—showcasing her ability to write an utterly stirring tale with immensely large production values.

Harkening the earlier recordings of PJ Harvey—both in her voice and brooding calamity of instrumentation, Caruso’s Shake Baby Shake has been sparked into existence through forced breakups and travelling back-and-forth to the UK. It’s also a brash new sound from the artist, who’s picked up a raw new sound from the electric guitar rather than the acoustic.

It’s the song’s ambitious song structure which stands the tallest. Her appraisal of melodic bliss is compelling and, as the song continues to build, her cathartic approach to songwriting begins to untangle, as explored in her unwavering and powerful voice. The final minute of the track is where Caruso truly shines, making it unforgettable.

Lisa Caruso will launch the single in Petersham with a couple of dates also in December on either side of it. Stream Shake Baby Shake below.

Lisa Caruso Live Dates

The Golden Barley Hotel, Enmore
Petersham Bowling Club
, Petersham
Franks Wild Years, Thirroul

Written by Jake Wilton