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Listen To Courtney Barnett Out Courtney Barnett Herself In Latest Release


In a track which personifies all good thing about soft rock and mi goreng, the Melbournian releases her contribution to Milk! Records’ compilation record, and oh boy does it deliver the goods.

Three Packs A Day is the first taste of new Barnett since her 2015 dominating album ‘Sometimes I Sit And Think, Sometimes I Just Sit’. Winning a J Award for best album, as well as landing a spot on most ‘Best Albums of 2015’ lists, the latest track certainly meets the standard she has set for herself.

The ode to two-minute-noodles is a delicious concoction of Barnett’s staple story telling as she proves once again she can turn even the most mundane of tasks into a cleverly worded, addictive tune. But it’s the laid back, quirky style that has wiggled her way into the hearts of so many. The observational spoken-word-esque song writing has a charming relatable aspect to it, and what could be more easily relatable than mi goreng?!

She closes the door on her heavy garage rock sound and returns to her Avant Gardener roots with this track, with a laid back groove taking the wheel. The less is more style comes powering through and this chilled, Sunday morning sound is what makes the track so alluring. Definitely one that will creep up on you and find you just gotta keep coming back and back to it.

Plus there’s a harmonica featured throughout the track, and if you think that’s not a reason to love any song then you’re wrong.

Three Packs A Day is CB’s contribution to the “Good For You” compilation record that has become a tradition of Milk! Records (Barnett’s very own record label) which is where the good ol’ Pickles From A Jar, made its debut. The record will be available on February 14, so get ready to rack up some Youtube views.