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Little Cub Bring Back Classic Synth-Pop With Fresh Single “My Nature”



London trio Little Cub have dropped their latest track My Nature, and it’s a welcome blend of modern retro-wave and synth-pop.

After the successful release of their ‘Loveless’ EP, not to be confused with the shoegaze trendsetter album of My Bloody Valentine, Little Cub has come flying out the gates with the new single.

The pulsing deep synthesiser is very reminiscent of their previous works on the ‘Loveless’ EP however My Nature feels more alive, oozing pop vibes through the offbeat drums and synths.

This song shows a new direction for the band with a more serious tone throughout the piece.

“Whereas Loveless is written for a somewhat wistful and perhaps naive perspective, My Nature is much more hardened and less ashamed. It’s about no longer looking for absolution, and it can come across as a bit unsympathetic,” said frontman Dominic Gore.

Not only does the chorus manage to feel big and imposing without trying to be too much, the verses are minimal with a real sense of importance imposed in the chilling lyrics, “Our mouths meet/In wooden conversation/Still flinching/As if sensing suffocation”, creating an immersive piece that fits together.

An evolution from classic British synth-pop, fans of bands such as Depeche Mode, Hot Chip, and London Grammar will love the truly polished sounds in My Nature. Check it out down below!