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Liv Cartledge Takes Us To Dreamland With New Single “You Got Me High”


Hailing from Victoria’s goldrush town of Beechworth, Liv Cartledge has… well struck gold with her latest tune You Got Me High.

A song about trying to detach herself from a seemingly very magnetic significant other, Cartledge delivers her signature raspy melodies over a dreamscape of smooth pop-rock and ambience.

As her father’s musical apprentice throughout the early years of her life, Cartledge caught the music bug early on.

Dad showed me many tricks of the trade, one of them being how to strum a chord on guitar on the couch at my Gran and Pops house in Bendigo and from that moment I was sold,” says Cartledge.

At the age of 12, Cartledge began busking in her hometown and joining her builder by day, musician by night dad on stage, and as they say the rest is history.

Fast forward to December 2015 and Cartledge was crowned winner of the prestigious Telstra Road To Discovery, granting her the opportunity to record with renowned producer Daniel Ledwell in the small town of Lake Echo, Nova Scotia in Canada.

Recording in Nova Scotia was nothing short of surreal. Looking over the lake from the vocal booth was a bloody dream. I’m so proud of what Daniel and I have put together”.  

With her sweet soulful voice, Liv Cartledge has produced a genuine and melodic ballad full of promise for what this young artist will deliver in the future.

Check out the new single below!