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Live Review: Ball Park Music w/ The Creases & Sahara Beck @ Miami Marketta


In my long history of seeing Ball Park Music (BPM) gigs (at least two shows a year for the past four years) I’ve discovered the two things that a good BPM gig makes: An enthusiastic crowd and a humble band. Luckily, the Gold Coast show and first stop on BPM’s ‘Every Night The Same Dream’ national tour had both of these things in spadeful’s!

First props of the evening need to go to Miami Marketta which is just the most darling venue complete with bountiful fairy lights, a huge jungle themed bar, and a plethora of delicious food vendors. It truly is one of the best kept secret in live music venues.

Next props go to Sunshine Coast stunner Sahara Beck who shone like the brightest star even when flanked by a very spiffy backing band. Recent single Spinning Time took the cake for standout track in an already absorbing set. Strong and delicate all at once, the tune turns down that rootsy funk that Beck usually gravitates towards in exchange for some catchy-as-all-heck indie-rock.


Next up were Brisbros The Creases, who have been kicking goals all over 2k16. The Thursday night set had the lads a bit shaky to begin with but they caught up with themselves half way through with a little help from an amazing homemade band shirt. Triple j spinner Impact came with an extended solo, which sometimes can come off as overblown but in this case added to The Creases’ already electric energy.

The main act for the evening emerged to a rapturous applause with the band wasting no time launching into Feelings, the opening track of their new album. With a band like Ball Park Music that has so many and such well loved hits it’s easy to worry that your favourite is going to be dropped in favour for a newer, unknown tune.


This was not the case with BPM’s Gold Coast gig. The setlist for the night was expertly curated so any new track was nestled in between at least two tried and tested bangers. This was a good tactic as it kept the audience happy and the ridiculous loud sing a longs that accompanied every song kept smiles on every band member’s face.

As soon as frontman Sam Cromack reassured the crowd that he was only wearing sunglasses indoors and at night was because he left his other prescription at home ease washed over the audience. This was the classic, piss-taking Ball Park Music that we all know and love.

The sweetest piano solo from talented multi-instrumentalist Paul Furness (I’m still waiting for him to bring the trombone back) preluded fan favourite and softer track Coming Down. A swelling chorus of band members and the crowd unified the room, creating a fantastic atmosphere within the venue.


However, these warm fuzzies had nothing on what was gonna happen next. As the entire band bar Cromack cleared the stage an acoustic guitar appeared and the crowd was treated to a sing-a-long rendition of It’s Nice To Be Alive. This was a very special touch in an already exciting setlist, and allowed the band to bring some life back to a song they’ve probably played thousands of times.

Winding it down with the one two punch of She Only Loves Me When I’m There and new tune Blushing, BPM thanked the crowd before retreating backstage. A short but sweet encore of All I Want Is You all but cemented the love that the sold-out audience has for such a respected act. Ball Park Music are back baby, and they’re better than ever!

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