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Live Review: Columbus w/ Horror My Friend, PLTS, & Lifeboat @ Foundry Records


It was Sunday, it was hot, and all I wanted was a beer. But Columbus were playing an all ages floor show at Brisbane’s Foundry Records, and you’ve gotta have priorities. After gathering a solid local following in Brisbane, the punk trio garnered the attention of UNFD and signed with them earlier this year. This was the final show on their tour, which was in support of their acclaimed debut album ‘Spring Forever’.

Local rockers Lifeboat opened the show to an early crowd, but that didn’t stop them from delivering a loud, passionate performance. Lifeboat offered a refreshing heavy sound, with similarities pointing to other Aussie-accented bands like The Smith Street Band and Luca Brasi. Welcome and Trash displayed the band’s heartfelt vocals and use of dynamics, and set the tone for the afternoon bash. A killer cover of Pixies’ Where Is My Mind was a tasty inclusion in the set and brought back memories of watching ‘Fight Club’ for the first time.

“…everyone took five steps forward to jam out to Raindrop, a favourite from ‘Spring Forever’.”

PLTS (pronounced “Pilots”) were up next, but unfortunately I think I was so struck by Lifeboat’s performance that their take on indie rock just wasn’t enough to wow me. Not to mask the band’s talent, they played very professionally and frontman Kit Bray displayed powerful vocals. Being from Byron Bay they had a surfy-rock influence on their sound, and their tunes further warmed up the crowd successfully.

Horror My Friend were next to take the stage floor and came out bursting with energy and flair. Their flavour of indie/punk rock was interesting, and it’s no surprise they’ve already been nabbed by Melbourne’s renowned label Poison City Records. Raw screams added some diversity to the trio’s set, as they shredded through tracks like Stay In and Easy Going.

Part way through the set their guitarist/vocalist and the bassist switched rolls, seemingly confusing the crowd. Nonetheless they powered through more great tracks and posed the question “does anybody know where the nearest big buck hunter is?”. One of the members was rocking a New York trout fishing shirt, but this was definitely not an indicator that they stank, infact they were far from it!

“They’re a force to be reckoned with in the punk scene, and with the backing of UNFD Columbus have a bright future ahead of them.”

The small group within Foundry Records pushed forward and the young ladies’ eyes twinkled as Columbus took front and centre. Kicking off with some tracks from ‘Spring Forever’, Summer Dress and Daffodil got the crowd singing (some screaming) and pushing until they were face to face with frontman Alex Moses. Following on with their EP banger Toss and Turn and hit single Replace Me, Columbus proved they were going to smash out the final tour of the show with a punk bang.

I give these guys props for playing at what was undeniably the hottest part of the day, particularly to drummer Daniel Seymour who never slowed down from start to finish. The lads toned things down with stripped back tune Nervous Wreck, before everyone took five steps forward to jam out to Raindrop, a favourite from ‘Spring Forever’.

Downsides Of Being Honest was a sweet singalong for everyone, and a couple of guys grabbed the mic and filled in for John Floreani’s verse. The set finished with the upbeat album title track Spring Forever, but the crowd chanted for more so Columbus came back to perform Hospital. They’re a force to be reckoned with in the punk scene, and with the backing of UNFD Columbus have a bright future ahead of them.

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