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Live Review: Enter Shikari w/ Hacktivist & Stories @ The Triffid


It was every hardcore lovin’ party-going fans dream last Tuesday night when Enter Shikari hit The Triffid stage to bring their synth-core tunes to angsty Brisbanites.

Opening proceedings on a bittersweet note was Sydney metalcore revellers Stories. Their last tour before taking an indefinite hiatus, the 5-piece served up a beefy, riff loaded set full of tunes from their latest album ‘The Youth To Become’. Whether it was the breakdown filled A False Sense of Security or the softer, ambient Alone In The Fallout, Stories ensured that their last Brisbane show was something to remember.


British lads Hacktivist were the highlight of the night. The djent grooves of 8-string guitars and aggressive rap had the crowd performing every Karate move in the book as they moshed their way to nirvana. From the opening chug of Hate, circle pits were spinning faster than a category four cyclone as vocalist Ben Marvin strolled around the barrier area spin-kicking and punching the air.

Taken was a nice sentimental touch to an otherwise heavily political set, with a surprise guest spot by Enter Shikari vocalist Rou Reynolds adding kerosine to the already lit set. A cover of N*ggas In Paris saw the energy lift as the familiar Kanye and Jay Z lines were shouted by the hundreds of fans. Closing out their massive set with their self-titled song Hacktivist, the Brit’s left the stage with an exuberant crowd wanting more of the groovy djent goodness.


While Hacktivist were the critic’s highlight, neither them nor Stories could turn the crowd’s focus off the long-awaited presence of Enter Shikari. With a spectacular light show, the veteran 4-piece made their glamorous entrance and the audience were in party mode from start to finish.

Ensuring pit chaos early, Shikari brought out Sorry, You’re Not A Winner second up in the set and sure enough pandemonium soon followed. The Last Garrison was a sing-along treat as Rou Reynolds threw mic stands, himself, and his gear everywhere in a pure adrenaline rush.

From the intimidating Paddington Frisk to the soft lullaby of Constellations, Enter Shikari were insane in every way. The interaction between Reynolds and his audience was one of friendship and passion, emphasised by the encore of fan favourites Redshift and Anaesthetist.


Enter Shikari’s stage presence was one we’ve never really experienced before, rarely do you see a band completely lose themselves in the art of live performing. Not only did the quartet transport themselves, they managed to (red)shift the crowd from what was a placid and tame hardcore audience to a raving bunch of lunatics…and it was awesome!

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Written by Sam Muggleton