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Live Review: Fieu “Impossible” Single Launch @ The Zoo


Last Thursday The Zoo held place to a very special performance by the fresh-faced beauty and new kid on the block Fieu (fee-you). The celebration of her single release Impossible showcased an array of vibrant original tracks and gave us an insight into her beautiful synthesised pop flair.

The night began with an awesome lineup of local acts including Keelan Mak who began with a contemporary version of Hotline Bling before the boys from Drawn From Bees brought their early Two Door Cinema Club sounding vibes to the stage. The powerful drum solos and the intense on stage personalities of each band made for a perfect warm up for the main act. With each band ending their set the anticipation in the crowd grew stronger as people were now merging closer to the stage to get a glimpse of the synth-pop princess.

As the lighting was dimmed the blue neon lights illuminated the stage Fieu made her entrance. With a humble smile to the audience she took her rightful place behind a keyboard and began the show with Running, a beautifully crafted song that incorporates an addictive melody and powerful vocals to make one bloody catchy tune. She may be small but her choruses were anything but, with her voice filling every inch of the venue. Ambient electric guitars and beautiful synth arrangements complemented her voice perfectly.

Next up was Riding on the Moon and Lighting Fires, both beautifully crafted songs which sounded even better live. Although each different in their own way, Fieu’s killer keyboard skills were a signature feature in each track and developed a fresh sound.

Fieu introduced some serious sass in Wave Lengths, one of the more upbeat songs of the night. Her pop stylings really came through in the track and her airy vocals made it easy for the crowd bop along to and sing her addictive harmonies. Fieu somehow managed to break down the mainstream pop genre and deliver her own unique sound through synthesisers and overdriven guitar riffs along with her rocking keyboard solos.

With every cheer and beer raised, Fieu surely amped up the crowd with her pocket-rocket energy. The sheer enjoyment that was radiating from her performance was beautiful, there’s something about watching someone do what they love (and do it well). She then began performing her next song Sometimes It’s Not Enough. On the contrary to the song title, it sure was “enough” to get the crowd off their feet and let loose.

There was one song that everyone had been waiting for. She took a breath and then the well-known keyboard intro of Impossible began to play. This was definitely the most energetic part of the night and ended the back half of her set on a high note (literally!). As the show came to a close the applause for the young female vocalist was boundless and with yells for an “ENCORE!” she made her way back to the stage and to the audience’s delight, performed two more songs.

These last tracks had a change of tone being a bit more intimate and personal. She explained that she wrote Cheaper Than A Drug as a “pick me up” when going through a difficult time. It focused more on her vocals and took the audience on a beautiful acoustic journey, being a delightful end to her set.

The performance ticked all the boxes, not only with the sheer talent she possessed but the overall atmosphere and vibe of her onstage personality. The show was intimate, relaxed, and just an all round good time. We can’t wait for her next release!