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Live Review: Future Islands @ Enmore Theatre – 05.12.2017

© Tom Sue Yek

For those who only know Future Islands from their performance on David Letterman, the Baltimore-based trio are worth so much more. Fresh off the 133rd show of their worldwide tour, Future Islands did not disappoint. The band came armed to Sydney’s The Enmore Theatre venue with a 75 minute set.

Future Islands have constructed a sound like none other—a subtle mix of 70’s synth pop and electronic music. The trio have established such a niche in the industry that their career has already reached 11 years of performances, and more than 1200 shows around the globe.

As magenta and dark purple fog set in upon the stage, the crowd full of long, untamed hair, patterned shirts, and Bondi vibes began to cheer. The trio began their set with songs including Ran, Cave, and Aladdin. Vocalist Samuel led the crowd to an emotional phase of the set with pop favourite Walking Through the Door.

One of Future Islands specialties are Samuel’s impeccable gestures and theatrical movements while performing. Up until this point in the set, his melodramatic moves were showcased throughout every song. Along with Samuel’s dance moves, the lighting of the show deserves exceptional noting. If the music itself didn’t entice the audience to feel something inside, then the colourful nature of the lights sure did the trick.

The set then took a more upbeat turn (if it’s possible to get more upbeat and emotional) with Cave and A Song For Our Grandfathers. The trio’s set suddenly took a more soulful approach with Seasons, Waiting on You and Spirit.

Samuel and the band shook the room up by leaving the stage, prompting a theatre-wide foot stomping to get the encore started! The trio obliged, and went into another 25 minute portion of the set with a few tunes from previous albums Singles and The Far Fetched. Fan favourites such as Tin Man, Ancient Water, and A Dream of You and Me marked the end of the fantastic show.

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