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Live Review: G-Eazy w/ Nico Ghost @ The Met

Walking past the line that began at The Met and stretched back around the corner into Brunswick Street it became very clear that G-Eazy, often described as the James Dean of rap, definitely brings out the ladies. Despite a rather hectic tour schedule for his sophomore album ‘When It’s Dark Out’, the Californian native managed to pull out all the stops that left his dedicated fan base only wanting more.

Australia’s very own Nico Ghost kicked the night off and as soon as Cold Ass Bitches, an absolute banger from his debut EP ‘Kaishi’, began to play he had everyone’s attention. People who had been scattered all over the venue swarmed towards the stage to see just what was going on.

© Tom Sue Yek

And Nico didn’t disappoint, delivering a high energy performance that got the crowd hyped. Surprisingly, it was his latest track Night Terrors that really went off. At this point it became clear that G-Eazy was not the only one with die-hards in the crowd that night as people began rapping, word for word, the lyrics of a song that was released just over a week ago.

“…it was You Got Me that really kicked things up a notch with some punters yelling “b*tch you got me f*cked up” with so much energy I thought they might just pass out.”

Soon G-Eazy, known affectionately to his fans as ‘Gerald’, took the stage with slicked-back hair, dark sunglasses on, and custom jacket to boot. He immediately launched in to Random and was met with thundering cheers. The aforementioned hectic touring schedule has clearly taken a toll on the rapper’s voice but he more than made up for it with his high energy and sincere love for his fans.

Accompanied by some amazing visuals, G-Eazy ran through a lot of new tracks, with the heavy RnB vibes and hella-catchy hook of Drifting going over particularly well. However, it was You Got Me that really kicked things up a notch with some punters yelling “b*tch you got me f*cked up” with so much energy I thought they might just pass out.

But G-Eazy knows how to work a crowd, reaching into his back catalogue for fan favourites like Let’s Get Lost and Tumblr Girls at just the right moments. When he stopped for even a second in between tracks the room would quickly erupt into chants of “Gerald”.

© Tom Sue Yek

With 10pm fast approaching G-Eazy announced his last song Me, Myself and I, and the crowd lost it! But it was clear they weren’t going to let him get off that easy and immediately began to chant “one more song!”. So G-Eazy gave the people what they wanted, launching into his biggest track to date I Mean It from his debut album ‘These Things Happen’. The crowd was more than appreciative, but they didn’t get a chance to protest a second time as G-Eazy gave a quick salute and was done for the night.

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Photos by Tom Sue Yek