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Live Review: Good Charlotte w/ Neck Deep, Falling In Reverse, Issues & Chase Atlantic @ Riverstage – 28.03.2018

Hailing all the way from Waldorf, Maryland, in the United States, Good Charlotte embarked on their two-show Australia headline tour last Tuesday night at Hordern Pavillion in Sydney. Followed by the second show last Wednesday night at Riverstage, Brisbane, these shows were in addition to their performance at Download Festival Melbourne last weekend. Support bands for the night were Neck Deep, Falling In Reverse, Issues, and Chase Atlantic.

Opening for the night was Chase Atlantic, a three-piece alternative band from Australia. Chase Atlantic owned the stage and demonstrated an alternative sound—creating vast amounts of energy amongst the crowd and a large stage presence. As Chase Atlantic continued to engage with the crowd, it ultimately made the performance much different to any other genre of music—a fuse of R&B and rock with dark synths. While performing Okay from their latest album self-titled album, the energy suddenly picked up amongst the people in the crowd, even more, fans continuously jumping and moving to the sound. These boys certainly know how to bring the party.

Second support act for the night was Issues, a four-piece band from Atlanta, Georgia. Issues brought sensational soulful vocals to the stage, performed by lead singer Tyler Carter. With pop sounding vocals to djent-based breakdowns, Issues have nailed the balance between nü-metal electronics and post-hardcore. In the absence of their unclean vocalist, Michael Bohn, who parted ways with the band in early January, Issues still pulled off an incredible performance regardless. Performing songs such as Hooligans and Mad At Myself from their self-titled album, the crowd filled with excitement. Issues showed us that they could genuinely pull off everything they record exceptionally well in a live setting.

Third supporting band for the evening was Falling In Reverse from Las Vegas, Nevada, formed in 2008 by lead vocalist, Ronnie Radke. Radke faced the stage with such vigorous energy and charisma that the crowd couldn’t help but watch in awe. Not to mention the screaming cries from his female fan base, tears were shed amongst the crowd and screams were filled with excitement and a deep love for Radke as he approached the stage. Kicking off their set for the night, Falling In Reverse opened with I’m Not a Vampire’from their debut album, ‘The Drug in Me Is You’. Followed by exceptional performances of Rolling Stone and Alone—songs from their second album ‘Fashionably Late’. With his somewhat controversial rapping, Radke rapped every word flawlessly, screamed every unclean vocal with a raw, abrasive sound, and flowed into an intense dubstep breakdown during Rolling Stone, is there anything he can’t do?

Continuing in the set with tracks from their latest album ‘Coming Home’ such as Fuck You and All Your Friends and Just Like You, certainly satisfied fans. During these two songs, Radke expressed his humorous attitude and excitable nature towards these tracks. By getting the crowd to put their middle fingers to the sky was a message to all the bad friends we come across in lif, and to all the assholes out there. Second last song of the night was their latest track, Losing My Mind, released late February this year. As for Radke’s stage presence, that is something else. Constantly moving back and forth, flipping mics, headbanging, spinning and bouncing all over the stage, he is genuinely a performer and an artist. Finishing off the night with Just Like You, the whole band had the crowd in the palm of their hands, overall, Falling In Reverse are engaging as hell.

Following on for the night was Neck Deep, a five-piece Welsh pop-punk band from Wrexham, Wales. Neck Deep created a very excited vibe amongst the crowd. Especially down on the ground floor at Riverstage, where fans were continuously jumping and pushing amongst each other as the band performed. Playing many songs from their third studio album ‘The Peace and the Panic’, such as Happy Judgement Day and In Bloom, in particular, had the crowd constantly moving on their feet. As the rowdiness increased, the band continued the set with that classic pop-punk sound. Frontman Ben Barlow’s iconic vocals soared throughout Riverstage backed by the crowd’s collective voice.

After much anticipation, the headliner for the night faced the stage. The American rock band Good Charlotte opened up their performance with The Anthem, followed by The Story of My Old Man. The nostalgia Good Charlotte brought to the stage was insane, as I looked amongst the crowd there was no general stereotype as to who their typical fan is, I saw all ages and people from all walks of life in the audience. It created such a homely atmosphere that Good Charlotte appeals to so many different people. Continuing their set with My Bloody Valentine and Riot Girl, both from their second studio album ‘The Young and the Hopeless’, the crowd screamed every single lyric word for word and was not afraid to jump around and move as much as they possibly could.

As the night went on, Good Charlotte spoke to the crowd and addressed some issues society face in regards to sexism, racism and discrimination. Good Charlotte made it clear they will not tolerate and stand for any behaviour of that nature. It indeed showed the value of a band when they not only stand for something but speak the truth and aren’t afraid to address it publically. Towards the end of the night they played a classic, I Just Wanna Live, from their third studio album ‘The Chronicles of Life and Death’. Finally, the performance came to an end and finished on one of their most renowned songs, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous from their second studio album ‘The Young and the Hopeless’.

As the night drew to a close, nothing could shake the experience or excitement from fans, for Good Charlotte had returned after so long, and no one could have been happier about it.

See the full gallery from the night HERE.

Written by Allysha Bianco

Photos by Cristina Jorgensen