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Live Review: Jet w/ A. Swayze & The Ghosts @ The Tivoli – 04.06.2018

Australian legends Jet provided the cure for Mondayitis at their most recent show at The Tivoli in Brisbane. The nostalgic show was a part of their recent Get Re-Born Tour, celebrating the 15 year anniversary of their 2003 album, ‘Get Born’.

Jet was supported by A. Swayze & the Ghosts, a self-described punk/garage band from Hobart. The band put on an energetic and entertaining show. It was loud and very ‘in your face’, which seems exactly what the band are going for. A. Swayze & the Ghosts walk a fine line between rock and punk, with some tunes encompassing the traits of both genres. Their performance oozed confidence, and they played up on that stage as if they owned it.

As the tour name suggests, the crowd was treated to the 2003 album ‘Get Born’, played live and in full. The summoning chanting of “Jet! Jet! Jet!” from the crowd started early on, lost a little momentum when the band did not immediately succumb to the demands of the crowd, but came back in full when the lights finally went down and the boys took to the stage. Lead singer Nic Cester wasted no time, and dived right into the first track of the album, Last Chance. The biggest tune of the 2003 album was up next, and the crowd was ready. Are You Gonna Be My Girl, was played to an almost frenzied crowd, with every person in the room singing along to the huge and well known chorus. It didn’t stop after that as Rollover DJ and Look What You’ve Done were belted out before we could even catch our breath. It was like the band had been touring for the last 15 years, with every track played sounding nothing but tight and professional.

The night took a turn early on for some, as patrons were accompanied out the door by security, with one concert goer allegedly losing teeth. Cester proceeded to throw one of the towels from the stage, demanding, “someone clean that blood off the floor.”

It was like you could hear all the Dad’s in the room thinking, “they just don’t do it like that anymore,” as it was clear that almost every member of the band was to take to centre stage at some point. Lead guitarist Cameron Muncey and drummer Chris Cester both performed as lead singers throughout the night. Even bassist Mark Wilson got in on the action with a Harmonica solo. It was a stark reminder of exactly why Jet made it so big in the first place.

After making their way through ‘Get Born’, the band moved on to some of their later works. They performed tracks from their 2006 album ‘Shine On’ including huge belter Rip It Up and songs from their 2009 album, ‘Shaka Rock’.

Jet are Aussie heavyweights for a reason, and this show was a demonstration that even after all these years, they can still kill it on stage. They sweaty crowd was transported back to 2003 and they loved it. Here’s hoping we see them in 2021 for their next 15-year reunion tour. It’s a guarantee they will still pull a crowd.

See the full gallery from the night HERE.

Written by Lauren Clarke

Photos by Cristina Jorgensen